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New Music For Harp

Susan Allen 4/27/83
Ignore The Machine

Alien Sex Fiend 9/9/83
AAWW / Bass Rocks

Willie Alexander & The Confessions 10/13/83

Angst 6/28/83
The Key

Joan Armatrading 4/25/83
International Sandwich

Atila 4/7/83
High Land, Hard Rain

Aztec Camera 7/21/83
Wet Moment

Ballistic Kisses 12/7/83
To Beat Or Not To Beat

The Beat 9/19/83
Lagartija Nick

Bauhaus 1/22/83
The Last Supper

The Bollock Brothers
Love Under Will

Blood And Roses
The Bluebells

The Bluebells
The Box

The Box
Secrets Out

The Box
Lust Drive

Breakfast In Bed
Best Of Tim Buckley

Tim Buckley
Feathers Web


J.J. Cale
The Title Track From The Whip

Carcrash International
Script Of The Bridge

The Chameleons
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