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This Is The Voice

Agent Orange 7/14/86
Cause For Alarm

Agnostic Front 5/26/86
What Remains

Absolute Grey 8/18/86
Ghost Tacks

Amber Route 8/28/86

Amazing Grace 10/28/86
Sex / Love

Alternative TV 7/1/86
Seaside Week End

Antena 3/18/86
Different World

Angry Samoans 7/28/86

Artless 2/1/86
Great Big World of Noise and Shit

Art Interface 10/13/86
Sleight of Hand

Joan Armatrading 7/28/86
Live in Yugoslavia

The Anti-Nowhere League 7/23/86
Defy The System

Anti 7/1/86
Hope In A Darkened Heart

Virginia Astley 3/25/86

Asmodi Bizarr 6/6/86
Damsels In Distress

Anti Scrunti Faction 7/12/86
Time Stands Still

The Attitude 7/28/86
The Backbones

The Backbones 12/15/86
Fugue In Cow Minor

Baby Opaque 10/8/86
Who Loves You Baby….

Baby Hotel Hunger 11/10/86
All The Pancakes You Can Eat

Baby Astronauts 11/10/86
Made Up In Blue

The Bats 10/28/86
23 Skiddoo

Beton Combo
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