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take off your skin034.jpg

Dredd Foole And The Din 4/11/88
the dream synd033.jpg

The Dream Syndicate 4/11/82
medicine show031.jpg

The Dream Syndicate 5/11/84
pick up heaven029.jpg

Drain 4/23/92
downy mildew026.jpg

Downy Mildew 8/4/86
all my friends are fish022.jpg

The Downsiders 11/14/88
dot 3017.jpg

Dot 3 7/23/82
the donner party011.jpg

Donner Party 6/2/87
donner party010.jpg

Donner Party 11/21/88
meet john004.jpg

John Doe 5/28/90
handful of sand023.jpg

Divine Horsemen 5/16/88
snake handler022.jpg

Divine Horsemen 10/12/87
middle of the night020.jpg

Divine Horsemen 5/18/87
devil's river019.jpg

Divine Horsemen 12/1/86
lock n load009.jpg

The D.I.s 6/20/85
sad and dangerous005.jpg

Dirty Three 8/29/94
letters for kings012.jpg

Dirty Hands 1/20/92

Dinosaur Jr. 6/6/88
little fury things037.jpg

Dinosaur Jr. 12/1/87
just like heaven035.jpg

Dinosaur Jr. 5/29/89
next to nothing023.jpg

Died Pretty 11/15/85
out of the unkown.jpg

The Died Pretty 1/8/84

Die Kreuzen 11/5/91
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